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These are the areas our staff cover:

Management Team

Renzone Rogelio; Sterner Ingrid

The responsibilities of our management board are: to plan and determine the company’s short and long term main goals, to set out the organizational structure, as well as to organize, lead, and supervise the decision-making process, evaluating and guiding the constant improvement that leads to the company’s growth and development.

Marketing and Logistics Department

Boccolini Matías; Ratcliffe Ignacio

It is specifically oriented towards building a strong bond with clients and suppliers, while paying attention to the needs the market demands, acting as its intermediaries and interpreters. At the same time, it is in charge of our products’ collection and distribution system, coordinating everything related to the product flow, from its harvesting until it reaches its destination, whether national or international.

Foreign Trade Department

Pelayes Luciana; Renzone Pedro; Vaccarini Aldana

It is focused on the exportation; its main goal is customer acquisition and retention at global level. Through its collaborative work, its members seek to consolidate and expand globalization, setting out the relationship with the clients and the negotiation and sales strategies.

Production Department

Cecchi Román; Espósito Rafael

Ronalb was born to trade the grains from local produce. For that reason, the primary production is the root of the company. The engineers that work in this area are in charge of the sowing, supervision and harvesting of the crops. They provide technical advice to producers, building confidence and knowledge in those who are starting in the production of specialty crops.

Accounting and Finance Department

Caligiuri Nahuel; Diorie María Vanesa; Mancini Noelia; Polenta Flavio

It is in charge of keeping financial and accounting records, controlling and planning within the company.  Our team of professionals follow the purchase cycle closely – payment; sell – collection that takes place in the company, focusing on satisfaction and the result of all the people who work with us during the commercial process. With their records, they provide the management board with useful and accurate information for decision making, in order to optimize the benefits and protect the company’s profitability.

Legal Department

Borzani Juan Pablo; Fontanella Daiana

Its goal is to provide technical/legal advice on matters pertaining to the company’s activities. A comprehensive grasp of the national and international legal structure is the commitment the team of professionals has undertaken. They get fully involved not only in every daily task, but also in the projects in which the company embarks, from staff recruitment to the diversification of the commercial activity.